Sunday Slice of Poetry #5-So sweet, so smart

He was sweet
And she was smart
in all truth
only life
could keep them apart.

It started out
When she was a princess
And he, a servant
So sadly, their love
Neither could confess.

After years of loving
within their own class
Each others notions of
true love
Were only ideas of the past.

So we’ll fast forward
Maybe a couple hundred years
And hope,
For these soul mate’s sake
That this time doesn’t end in tears.

He was still sweet
And she, oh so smart
But this time it was color
That was
bound to keep them apart.

It was only a single kiss
where they though no one could see
except when
her papa found out
Her Sweetness was soon hanging from a tree.

And so,
Fate let them try again
But this time,
by no construct of their own,
The whole world had stepped in.

He was protecting her from the Great War
She begged him not to go
And Sweetness was quickly killed
on the front lines
Each other’s love they will hardly know.

Life waited
a little bit
Before our pair was brought back around again
And when others realized it this time
It ended with a hit.

He was so softly sweet
And he was still so smart
This time, they were told
That it was God
That wanted them apart.

They never believed it,
And by God, was it tough
Especially when his Intelligence
said a little bit too much
Turns out, for him, the fight for hate was deathly rough.

And now,
Fate has given them
One more chance
I hope that for their sake
They get this one last dance.

As always, he was sweet,
And, as always, she was smart
And to a pair
of 7 year olds
Nothing could keep them apart.

Their lives still had their moments
And sometimes, love is hard
But they fought their way through together
And emerged as soul mates who know
That it was worth it that they were scarred.

Who knows if their final love
gives this tale an end
I’d like to think that they’re
out there somewhere
Waiting to see if each other’s soul
Fate will again intend.

Sometimes, I wonder about soul mates. Do they exist? If they do, how do you know you’ve found them? And even scarier, what if you miss them? Just walk right past them on the street, and then your lives are never intertwined?
Or, what if you do meet, but life itself seems determined to keep you apart? And if life does keep you apart, do you get another chance, during another time around? This mildly terrifying idea is explored in my previous poem.
~Follow the ink trail~



I love poetry for the same reasons that I love tea. Sometimes, they are hot, so hot that they scald your tongue, but I hold onto them anyway. Sometimes both are cold, and I hold it close because, as bas as feeling cold sometimes feels, you know that it’s true and that you need it. Occasionally, I’ll find some that are bitter or tart, but I wouldn’t dare add sugar, for fear of changing the original taste. And finally, sometimes I’ll find some sweet ones that I can sip on all day long, and never tire of their flavor.